Home Agribusiness ABPA Provides Clarifications Concerning China Anti-Dumping to Chicken from Brazil

ABPA Provides Clarifications Concerning China Anti-Dumping to Chicken from Brazil


China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Friday announced anti-dumping measures on imported white-feather broilers and chicken products that are originated from Brazil.

Today the Chinese government has completed an agreement with the Brazilian agribusiness of chicken meat in relation to the investigation of dumping, which began in August 2017.

It is important to clarify that, although the Chinese government has announced the imposition of anti-dumping duty rates, they are suspended due to the conclusion of the Price Undertaking Agreement (PU), signed between companies and the Chinese authorities for the application of anti-dumping duties.

At the same time, the completion of the PU does not mean that the export sector of chicken meat from Brazil to agree to the final determination of the case.

As ABPA has advocated since the beginning of the investigation, there were no dumping practices and there is no causal relationship between exports of poultry products from Brazil and any local marketing situations. The evidence has been presented by the productive sector in Brazil.

At the same time, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) and the Brazilian government identified several violations of the international agreement dumping by Chinese authority in the damage analysis and causal link in the process. The Board of ABPA examine the Chinese decision and submit their concerns to the Brazilian Government to decide on future actions.

The domestic industry has been subject to substantial damages due to the dumping of those products, the ministry said in a final ruling after anti-dumping investigations into the imports. From Sunday, duties will be collected at rates ranging from 17.8 percent to 32.4 percent for a five-year period, the ministry said on its website.

The MOC has accepted applications of price undertakings from some Brazilian exporters, meaning that anti-dumping duties will be exempted on products imported into China at prices no lower than respective minimum prices.