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Dollar Falls and Stock Exchange Rises With Less Threatened or Dangers in the Pension Reform


The dollar opened the day (19) taking some high with signs that the dismissal of Gustavo Bebianno ministry pressure may not result in more political noise, at first, and with the expectation that there will be no concessions to public officials in the changes of Privilege that President Jair Bolsonaro will present tomorrow.

While the bag fits in positive also driven by political scene in a day most liquid with the return of New York, which the day before not operated by the holiday in the United States, and without winning yesterday options that also took strength indices.

The US currency moved lower around 0.27%, to R $ 3.72, against the rise of the second in 0.86%. Also around 10h45, the Ibovespa chases 1% and Ibovespa Futuro, which opened in retreat, turned to almost 0.90%.

The more optimistic tone of Sino-US relations, despite little progress in the negotiations, gave rise to concerns for opening new meetings on Tuesday. There are calls for Donald Trump to ensure protection mechanisms in the event of non-compliance by Beijing.

In Europe, attention is shifting to a new round of concerns about US protectionism, with Washington threatening measures against exports to the United States. For now on automobiles, but what opens the window to other sectors, expanding the range of commercial disputes that would end up taking more breath of the economy.