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Venezuela enters a crucial week


Venezuela entered yesterday, under tension, in a crucial week of the struggle between President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition Juan Guaido, who promises to enter at all costs on Saturday humanitarian aid that the Government blocks as it considers the beginning of a US military invasion.

Recognized as interim agent for 50 countries, Guaido is preparing mobilizations throughout the country to accompany volunteers who will go to the border in bus caravans in search of tons of medicines and food, collected in Colombia, Brazil and Curazao.

Assistance shipments carried on the United States military aircraft remain in the warehouses of the Colombian city of Cucuta, near the Tienditas border bridge, blocked by Venezuelan military personnel with trucks and other obstacles.

A second storage center in Brazil enlists in the border state of Roraima to receive Brazilian aid, and today a plane will arrive from Miami to Curazao with more US assistance.

As Saturday approaches, Guaido, head of the opposition majority Congress, multiplies his calls to the Armed Forces, Maduro‘s main support, to let the assistance pass.

This February 23 have the opportunity to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans, he said Sunday night.

However, the Armed Forces will reinforce the presence in the borders, because, in Maduro‘s opinion, humanitarian aid is a show and the prelude to a military action not ruled out by the Donald Trump government.

Guaido fixed for the admission of aid on the day he turns one month of having proclaimed himself as interim president after the Congress declared Maduro usurper when he considered fraudulent his re-election.

Venezuelans suffer from a lack of medicines and hospital supplies as well as voracious hyperinflation that the IMF projects at 10,000,000% this year. Fleeing the crisis, some 2.3 million (7% of the population) emigrated since 2015, according to the UN.

But Maduro blames the crisis for financial sanctions imposed by Washington. For the illegal President, the shipments are crumbs of rotten and contaminated food.

The conflict for humanitarian aid escalated Internationally. Russia, China, Turkey Iran, Cuba, and other Maduro allies have condemned the interference of the United States and other governments.

On Sunday, the government banned five members of the Group of the European People’s Party (PPE) from entering the country and the deputy secretary general of that group, who wanted to meet with Guaido, but were returned from the international airport.

The delegation of MEPs (…) was expelled by an isolated and increasingly irrational regime, said Guaido. According to Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, they had conspiratorial purposes.