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Mourao says he only sees confrontation with Venezuela if Brazil is attacked: ‘But Maduro isn’t crazy enough to do it’

Humanitarian aid located in Brazil is ready to enter Venezuela


The diplomat appointed by the National Assembly, Maria Belandria, assured that among the supplies there are medicines and food donated by the government of Jair Bolsonaro and the United States

Maria Belandria, a Brazilian diplomat appointed by the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, said on Friday that they are organizing humanitarian aid to enter the national territory on February 23.

From the collection center of Boavista, in Brazil, the diplomat explained that medicines and food will be admitted through the border point of Roraima.

We have amoxicillin and medical equipment ready for those who need it, milk powder donated by the Brazilian government chaired by Jair Bolsonaro, and the contributions given by the United States that are basically food, said Belandria.

Nicolás Maduro ordered Thursday the closing of the land border between Venezuela and Brazil. He indicated that the order aims to avoid incidents on February 23, and described as false the humanitarian aid that will try to enter the country.

Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao said that a military conflict with Venezuela is ruled out unless they receive aggression from the National Armed Forces. We will never enter into a military confrontation with Venezuela unless they attack us, that would be different, but I do not think Maduro is crazy enough to do it, said Mourao.