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Sites Say Venezuela Has Placed Missiles on the Border With Brazil

The site DefesaNet says that the Venezuelan government has placed missiles on the border with Brazil



According to the website, the Maduro government has positioned the S-300VM Air Defense Missile System near the border with Brazil. This is the second action after announcing the closure of the border with Brazil, which occurred at 20 hours on Thursday.

The position where the S-300 system was positioned in the region of the Santa Elena de Uairen Airport, which is distant from the border city of Pacaraima, State of Roraima, about 11km.

Venezuela has 3 S-300 Air Defense Systems, which includes launchers, radar systems, and support. Bringing such a valuable strategic system to a border position has a provocative character.

According to information from the Yahoo site, the government of Nicolás Maduro would have positioned missiles against the Brazilian territory, increasing the tension between the countries. The armaments are located in the region of Santa Elena de Uairén airport, about 11 kilometers from the Brazilian border. He also claims that Venezuelans have three such systems.

The S-300VM Air Defense system is produced by the Russian company Antey-Almaz. It has been the biggest selling success in the international market of the post-Cold War Russian military industry. It far surpasses the success of the famous Sukhoi fighters.

Venezuela acquired the S-300 during the government of Hugo Chavez. Together he incorporated the concept of air defense developed by the Russians since the Cold War. It is a stepped system, ranging from the lowest level with cannons to the missiles for high altitude:

1 – 20-40mm cannons;
2 – MANPADS IGLA S 3,5km
3 – S-125 Pechora 2M 20km Altitude
4 – BUK-2ME 25 km Altitude
5- S-300VM 30 km Altitude

Venezuela has acquired not only the missile systems and Command and Control (C2) but the concept of operation and employment of the Russians. Three years ago it was created the “Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command” (CODAI). It is subordinate to the “Operational Strategic Command” (CEOFANB), another concept imported from Russia.

CODAI has received training on the progress made in the Syrian War directly from Russian missions visiting the country. The control of the ideological affinity of its members.

The information is from the website DefesaNet, run by military expert Nelson Düring, who gave an interview to Yahoo and talked about the situation. According to him, the missiles would be of type S-300 VM. “Bringing such a valuable strategic system to a border position has a provocative character,” says Düring. The S-300VM is produced by the Russian company Antey-Almaz.

In social networks, the news of the missiles capable of reaching Brazil created a veritable wave of revolt. Many people have asked for something to be done, while others have shown some fear of what can happen in the face of so many events.