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European Union and Brazil Condemn Violent Acts and Call Maduro “Dictator”


The European Union condemned the acts of violence and the use of armed groups in Venezuela by the government of Nicolas Maduro to prevent the entry of humanitarian aid into the country.

The refusal of the regime to recognize the humanitarian emergency leads to an escalation of tensions, lamented the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini in a statement on behalf of the 28 members of the EU.

We reject the use of irregular armed groups to intimidate civilians and lawmakers who mobilized to distribute aid, he said in a statement.

The EU also said it was willing to increase its aid, Mogherini announced. The EU already committed more than 60 million in 2018 and 2019 in humanitarian aid and development aid, he said.

We remember our commitment to help those who need it for as long as necessary, to increase this aid and to work in more solid and more inclusive coordination mechanisms under the direction of the competent United Nations institutions, in full respect of the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence, he added.

The origins of the crisis in Venezuela are political and institutional, the solution can only be political. We reiterate our firm rejection and our condemnation of the violence and any initiative that could further destabilize the region, he said.

The Venezuelan people already suffered a lot. It’s time to let them decide their future. We strongly reiterate our call for the restoration of democracy through free, transparent and credible presidential elections, he added.

In addition, Brazil condemned the clashes at the land borders of Venezuela and called the president of the neighboring country, Nicolas Maduro, a dictator  in a Foreign Ministry statement.

The government of Brazil expresses its most vehement condemnation of the acts of violence perpetrated by the illegitimate regime of the dictator Nicolas Maduro on February 23 at the borders of Venezuela, the official statement began.