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Minister of Agriculture Presents Priority Programs From Office


The Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply Minister, Teresa Cristina Correa da Costa Dias, attend the Committee on Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (CRA) on Wednesday (27) to present the priority programs of her portfolio for the coming years. The meeting will start at 11 am in room 7 of the Alexandre Costa ward.

Senator Soraya Thronicke, who heads the Committee on Agriculture, argues that the minister’s attendance will be important in publicizing the ministry’s activities and identifying opportunities for improvements in agribusiness legislation.

Teresa Cristina has been advocating the adoption of more modern inspection and auditing procedures in the productive sector to guarantee safety and quality for the consumer. In the minister’s view, companies should take on more responsibilities as a way of guaranteeing the quality of their products. According to her, the opening of the dialogue for changes in inspection and control is an evolution that follows the worldwide trend of modernization and simplification in several sectors.