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Brazil Has a Record in Soy Exports and Maintains Competitiveness


Exports of the complex of soybean from Brazil began 2019 with high and important numbers in them and thus continue. In the accumulated figure of the year, the total goes from 8.7 million tons  accounting for grain, bran, and oil, according to data from the latest Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex).

Only soybeans, in the 16 working days of February, Brazil has already exported 4,498.7 million tons. The daily national average is 281.2 thousand tons, against the already important average of January of 97.9 thousand, in addition to being greater also than that of February of last year, of 159.1 thousand.

We are already on record and, keeping this pace, we can close this week leading the month to end with exports of more than 5.5 million tons, explains Brandalizze Consulting consultant Vlamir Brandalizze.

In the accumulated of the year are 6,652.8 million tons of soybeans so far, with four more working days to be counted in the current month, against 4.4 million of the total of January and February of 2018In the accumulated of the year we also follow with a record , completes Brandalizze.

Of soybean meal, the accumulated in the month reaches 773.9 thousand tons, with a daily average of 48.4 thousand. Soybean oil is 17.1 thousand tons in the accumulated February. Among the derivatives, the numbers are lower than last year, since in 2018 Brazil obtained a share of these derivatives in the face of a crop failure in Argentina and, consequently, a lower supply of both Argentine products in the global market.