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Palocci’s Revelations Triggered Diligence Series About Lula’s Bribes


The accusation of Antonio Palocci triggered a series of steps that are aimed at corroborating the involvement of former President Lula da Silva in the scheme of bribes of Sete Brazil Company.

According to the website The Antagonist, in addition to marking for March 22 a new interrogation of Lula, the representative Filipe Pacce also subpoenaed the informant Alexandrino Alencar to testify on Mar. 11st.

He also determined the reanalysis of all the material seized in Operation Aletheia, the 24th phase of Car Wash, which had Lula as its main target.

Pacce also called for the Hilton Hotel in Copacabana (formerly Le Meridien) to be officiated, to provide in five days all lodging records, day-use, rental events, use of rooms and even eventual records of access to dependencies of the hotel complex made or paid by.

The delegate also wants all the detailed records of lodging, meals and transportation expenses provided by Sete Brasil in favor of the investigated ones. All information will be collated with the documents delivered by Palocci in his award-winning collaboration, including his agendas.