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Bolsonaro Receives Juan Guaido In the Planalto Palace


President Jair Bolsonaro met with the recognized as Venezuela’s president, Juan Guaido. He arrived at the Planalto Palace at 1:50 pm, accompanied by Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, and passed the red carpet stretched out in one of the side portico of the main building. The Independence Dragons honored at the entrance.

Although Brazil recognizes Guaido as acting president of Venezuela, the meeting is not considered a state visit and happens in the Bolsonaro cabinet. The also president of the National Assembly of Venezuela still has to meet with the president of the National Congress, senator Davi Alcolumbre.

Guaido arrived in Brazil at dawn today (28). In his personal account on Twitter, he said that he came to Brazil in search of support for the transition of government in Venezuela. Prior to the meeting with Bolsonaro, he met with diplomatic representatives from other countries at the European Union delegation’s office in Brasilia.

In our meeting with the ambassadors of the countries of the European Union, we continued to strengthen relations with nations that recognized our efforts to recover democracy in Venezuela and to win free elections, he wrote. We appreciate the strong international support given to our route and support for humanitarian aid. It is time to move forward to stop the usurpation that will end the crisis in Venezuela, recover our country and stabilize the region, he added.

Earlier, also through Twitter, minister Ernesto Araujo said that Brazilian diplomacy continues with its irreversible and unconditional support for the liberation of the neighboring country.

Last month, the Supreme Court of Justice banned Guaido from leaving Venezuela and froze his accounts. The court responded to a request from Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab, an ally of President Nicolas Maduro. Despite the court’s decision, the acting president went to Colombia to coordinate the delivery of humanitarian aid at the border and to attend the meeting of the Lima Group in Bogota. Even at the risk of being arrested, he promised to return to Venezuela soon.