Home Business Public accounts are positive at R $ 46.8 billion in January

Public accounts are positive at R $ 46.8 billion in January



Public accounts started the year with a positive balance. According to data released today (28) by the Central Bank (BC), the consolidated public sector, formed by the Union, states and municipalities, registered a primary surplus of R $ 46.897 billion in January. The result was practically stable in relation to the same month of 2018, when there was a surplus of R $ 46.940 billion.

The primary result is formed by revenue less expenses, without considering interest expenses.

In January, the Central Government (Pension Plan, Central Bank and National Treasury) presented a primary surplus of R $ 35.607 billion.

The state and municipal governments also presented a positive balance: R $ 9.573 billion and R $ 1.210 billion, respectively.

Federal, state and municipal state companies, excluding those of the Petrobras and Eletrobras groups, recorded a primary surplus of R $ 507 million last month.

According to the head of the BC’s Statistics Department, Fernando Rocha, the positive result in January is characteristic of the period and does not indicate a trend. This shows that there is a certain seasonality in January for more favorable results.