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Prosecutor Requests Judge Under Suspicion in Car Wash Case

Gilmar Mendes, judge of the Supreme Court

The task force of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Parana that operates in the Car Wash operation sent a request for the Attorney General’s Office, Raquel Dodge, to request the suspicion of Gilmar Mendes, judge of the Supreme Court in investigations concerning Aloysio Nunes Ferreira, former senator and former Brazil’s chancellor in Temer administration, and Paulo Vieira de Souza, alias Paulo Preto, former director of Dersa.

In the request forwarded to Dodge, the task force alleges that Gilmar cannot act in cases referring to Aloysio Nunes because of the connections he has with him. According to the prosecutors, the former minister sought to interfere in the trial of habeas corpus in favor of Paulo Vieira de Souza, in direct and personal contact with the minister Gilmar Mendes.

Paulo Preto and Aloysio Nunes were targets of the 60th Lava Jato phase  the first was arrested and the second had the house searched for search warrant and seizure.

Prosecutors want to prevent Mendes from appreciating a complaint lodged by the former Dersa director’s defense that the investigations that led to his arrest should be sent to the São Paulo Electoral Court for alleged connection to an inquiry that looks at bribes in company contracts to supply campaigns of the PSDB. Federal judge Gabriela Hardt, who handled the case in Curitiba, has already said against the request.

On Wednesday, Paulo Preto was sentenced to 145 years and 8 months in prison, in a closed regime, for having commanded a diversion scheme of more than 7 million reais that should have been allocated to residents impacted by the works of the Rodoanel.