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Italian Group Expresses Its Interest in Building ‘Ferrograo’ Railway



The director of the Italian group Saline Impregillo SPA, Massimo Guala, and the Italian consul in Sao Paulo, Fellipo de La Rosa, met this afternoon with directors of the Federation of Industries in the State of Mato Grosso (Fiemt) in Cuiaba, to meet infrastructure needs and projects in the State, such as Ferrogrão – railroad that will link Sinop to the port in Miritituba (Para) for the disposal of agricultural crops and other products.

The enterprise will be done by private initiative in partnership with the government. According to Guala, it’s business group has more than 110 years of activities, is present in more than 50 countries and invoices around 7 billion euros a year. “The interest exists mainly for Ferrograo, for the experience we have of railroad construction in the world. Let’s look at projects that are already well advanced, as Ferrograo seems to be and eventually others that we can help in the area of infrastructure. And after that meeting we have a basis for deepening and understanding better, “he said.

According to the consul Fellipo de La Rosa, the Italians can contribute to projects in the State. “Whenever you open the newspaper, it is clear that Brazil needs infrastructure. It is something important that needs to be healed to develop the state and the country consequently. We have to be present where things are made and happen. That is why we are here visiting the State. This is a large Italian group that has already done great projects in Brazil. Now they are focused on railroads. I believe they can contribute to local needs, “said the consul, through the advice.

The president of Fiemt, Gustavo de Oliveira, said that the Italian company “has a very large and interesting portfolio of works. Of course, if you come to the state, it will contribute a lot not only to the development of logistics but also to the development of our constructive techniques “, he evaluated

A few days ago, when he was in Sorriso, the vice president of the Republic, Hamilton Mourao, said that the federal government will take the work of the railroad from paper.

The original project foresees investments of R $ 12 billion by agribusiness multinationals with BNDES financing. A cargo terminal should be built in Sinop and another in Matupa. There will be 1,100 kilometers of rails. The estimated capacity is to carry 42 million tonnes when operating at full capacity.