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After Cops Arrest, Widow of Marielle Requires Clarification On Who Is the Crime Boss

The widow Monica Benicio with a replica of a plaque by Marielle Franco, in front of the Chamber, in Cinelandia, Rio de Janeiro (photo: Fernando Frazao / Agencia Brasil)


Marcelo Freixo, Chico Alencar and Tarcisio Motta also ask for an investigation into who ordered the assassination the city councilwoman

Following the arrest of two suspects in the murder of councilwoman Marielle Franco, a retired military police officer, and a former military police officer, PSOL lawmakers and Marielle’s widow have demanded that the investigations continue to find out the principal of the crime.

The widow of councilwoman Marielle Franco, activist Monica Benicio, said she “hopes she does not have to wait another year to know who was the principal of the crime.” She said that the arrests of the two policemen on Tuesday (12/3), accused of being the perpetrators of the crime, are “an important step in the investigation, a fundamental step”.

“I hope I can have access to the details soon so you can feel secure in that outcome,” he said. “More important than the arrest of mercenary rats is to answer the most urgent and necessary question of all those who had Marielle killed, I hope I do not have to wait another year to know who was the principal of all this. involved the state owes to everyone who suffers from the loss of Marielle and democracy itself. ”

Marielle Fernanda Chaves, who was in the car with the councilwoman on the day she was killed, said that the arrest of retired PM Ronie Lessa and former PM Elcio Queiroz, accused of the crime, is an “important step towards the investigation “, but recalled that the most important is to reach the constituents of the implementation.

“It’s not easy to wake up and run into the figures accused of machine-gunning the car I was in, responsible for ending the lives of Marielle and Anderson,” she said excitedly. “But the news is telling us about the seizure of material and equipment, which may be essential to reach the constituents.” This is the most important of the answers, who had Marielle killed. were the motivations. ”

Amnesty International released a note on the arrests of police officers involved in the murder of Alderman on March 14 last year. “These people must be brought to justice so that, in a due process judgment, the eventual criminal responsibility is determined,” the note said.

“Amnesty International is now more than ever urging, as has already been done in other countries, an independent, independent group of experts to monitor investigations and prosecutions.” The organization reiterates that there are still many unanswered questions and that investigations must continue until the perpetrators and perpetrators of the murder are brought to justice. ”

In an interview with Radio Eldorado, former federal deputy Chico Alencar, a member of PSOL’s national executive, said on Tuesday that the murder of councilwoman Marielle Franco was undoubtedly a political crime and directed. “(The murder) had a clear destination against someone dedicated to and against the racism, the militias, the paramilitary groups, the illegitimate territorial control, LGTfobia,” he said.

“We are two days away from completing one year of execution, by Alielle Marielle and Anderson Gomes. This news (from the arrest of two suspects), although in a context of tremendous tragedy, is a positive one. “It is not an executor without a principal, without a chain of a criminal organization,” Alencar said.

Federal Deputy Marcelo Freixo (PSOL) said in his Twitter account that the arrests of Marielle and Anderson’s executors are important and belated. “It’s unacceptable that it takes a year for us to have any response,” said Freixo. “It’s a decisive step for the investigations, but the case is not resolved.

Councilman Tarcisio Motta (PSOL / RJ), Marielle Franco’s counterpart, said that the arrests held on Tuesday morning were an important step in resolving the crime, but that it still remains to clarify who was the principal.

“It seems obvious to me that a crime of this magnitude was not committed for personal reasons of these MPs,” said the councilman. “It is fundamental to reach the constituents of this political crime.”

Federal deputy for Rio de Janeiro, Taliria Petrone (PSOL) also used Twitter to ask for clarification on who had the councilwoman killed.