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Brazil Will Accept Chinese Money Says Guedes in the US



In the United States, Economy Minister Paulo Guedes challenged Americans about Brazil’s relationship with China. In saying that the country is open to investment, Guedes was clear in signaling that the country will continue to do business with the Chinese. “We’ve seen you doing business with Chinese for years. Why cannot we? Why can not we let them invest in infrastructure? “Asked the Minister of Economy.

In a humorous way, he showed that the country is open to anyone who wants to invest in infrastructure. “We have a president who loves America. Me too. I love Coca-Cola and Disneyland. It is a great opportunity to invest in Brazil. I invite you to this new partnership, “he said. “The Chinese want to dance with us and want to invest there. He told the president: “We love the United States, but we will trade with whoever is more profitable,” he said.

The US counts on Brazil to reduce China’s influence in Latin America. Guedes was direct in a speech to businessmen in the American Chamber of Commerce, saying that the country needs to get investments in infrastructure to reduce the cost Brazil, the taxes and open the economy.

After meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro in White House they will make a statement to the press. They must affirm that the two countries want to move towards free trade. In the medium term, however, this means working through regulatory convergence agreements and facilitating trade and investment.

Some practical issues of the agricultural agenda should not be solved, such as the reopening of the US market for the purchase of fresh Brazilian meat. At the other end, the US is pressing for the opening of the Brazilian market for pork imports from the Americans.

“If the US wants to sell pork to us, then buy our beef. Do you want to sell ethanol? Okay, buy our sugar, “the minister said. “The most important thing is that we are strategic business partners for the future.”

The minister had a meeting with US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in which he stressed that it was important for large corporations in both countries to broaden the dialogue. “Let’s get the top 50 companies from the US and Brazil to talk,” he said.

At the same time, the Economy Minister appealed for the US to help Brazil in the country’s candidacy to the OECD. The entry into the organization, considered a club of rich countries, is seen by Guedes as a seal of international trust. “Please help us join the OECD.”

To businessmen, he defended the Bolsonaro administration, said that the country is a very stable democracy and that the president had “balls” to control public spending. “No one had the balls to control public spending. Now we have someone who has balls, “he said.

“In 60 days, the president sent Congress two very important reforms,” he said, citing Sergio Moro’s anticrime package as the second major reform. Regarding pension reform, Guedes insisted that “no Brazilian will be left behind”, but that social security will not be a “privileges factory”.