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BNDES Selects 79 Innovative Projects for Funding Development



The names of the selected workers have been announced by the Bank and can be accessed by the institution’s website

Seventy-nine innovative projects from different segments of the economy were chosen by National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to be executed, as of April, within the BNDES Garage Program.

Of this total, 49 are part of the creation module, aimed at supporting teams of entrepreneurs with innovative business proposals, and 30 in the acceleration module, aimed at “startups” (emerging companies that develop innovative products or services with the potential for rapid growth) already in operation.

The names of the projects were announced by BNDES and can be accessed at the electronic address.

The first edition of the program is promoted in partnership by the bank with Wayra, a hub (openness or form of connectivity) of innovation opened by Vivo in Brazil and Telefonica in the world, and Liga Ventures, the first accelerator focused on connecting “startups” and large corporations in Brazil, the bank said.

BNDES initiative intends to give musicians to entrepreneurs and companies so that they can generate new business through the development of models focused on attracting potential investors and clients.

In this first phase of the program, more than five thousand projects were registered from all regions of Brazil.

The selected programs cover topics of interest identified by BNDES, which are health and welfare, social and environmental sustainability, creative economy, security, Fintechs (financial solutions), education, IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain (distributed registration technology), as well as other important sectors of the economy.

Criteria such as business opportunity, characteristics and size of the market, consistency and scale potential of the business model were decisive for the selection of projects.

According to the BNDES, the chosen projects will be accompanied by professionals and will have physical structure, technological, administrative, legal, accounting and communication support.

“The extraordinary response to the call made by BNDES Garage highlights the extent and dynamism of the innovation ecosystem, especially digital, in Brazil,” the bank said.

He added that “access to new ideas and innovative ways of working are important ingredients for increasing the productivity of Brazilian companies and expanding the types of products and services they can offer.” BNDES wants to build partnership opportunities to enable the private sector to invest in startups and develop solutions for their respective needs.

The BNDES Garage Acceleration program will run for six months, running from April 8 to September 27 this year, while the BNDES Garage Creation runs from May 8 to September 27.