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Demand for Domestic Flights Grows 6.58 Percent in February, Said ABEAR



Abear (Brazilian Airline Companies Association) released Yesterday, Mar. 21st, a survey regarding national air transportation in February. In the period, demand for domestic flights grew by 6.58% compared to the same period in 2018. It was the 24th consecutive month in which the indicator increased.

On the other hand, even if slightly smaller, the offer in the same scenario had its 20th increase followed. The index reached 3.83% more than in the same period last year. As a result, the supply and demand ratio improved by 2.12 percentage points (pp), reaching 82.46% in February.

Therefore, more than 7.4 million trips were carried out in the national territory during the featured month, with passenger volume exceeding 7.76% (530 thousand additional) last year. The statistics include Avianca, Azul, Gol, Latam, Map, and Passaredo. The airlines represent 99.9% of the Brazilian network.

It is also possible to add the months of January when demand was lower , and February, when compared to the same period in 2018. In this point of view, a 4.73% increase in demand is identified, 3.97% in supply and a total of 16.3 million completed flights. This, therefore, corresponds to an increase of 4.77% in the number of passengers, or just over 740 thousand.

Abear: international scenario
Outside the country, Abear associates operate around 30% of international air operations involving Brazil. The remaining portion is of foreign flag companies.

The demand for international air transportation among Brazilian companies grew by 8.82% in February. The result was considered positive by the association but ends a sequence of 14 months in the double-digit increase. Turning the page, the increase raised by the offer was 13.08%.

With the difference between the results, there was a significant deterioration of 3.12% in the use of operations, which was 79.74%. The total number of travelers reached just over 815 thousand, indicating an increase of 3.08% (24 thousand) in additional passengers.