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Domestic Crude Steel Production Has Slight Recovery in the Two Months



Brazil produced 2.7 million tonnes of crude steel in February, down 1.7% compared to the same month last year. In the first two months of this year, domestic crude steel production increased 0.5% over the same period in 2018, totaling 55.6 million tons.

According to data released by Instituto Aco Brasil, the largest retractions were found in the production of rolled products in February (-7.9%) and January-February (-5.5%). Rolled products reached 1.7 million tonnes in February and 3.51 million tonnes in the first two months.

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Apparent domestic consumption of steel products was 1.6 million tons last month, an increase of 3.7% compared to the same month of 2018. In the two months, consumption stood at 3.2 million tons, down 1.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

The bulletin released by Instituto Aco Brasil also reveals that domestic sales expanded by 2.8% in February against the same month of 2018, registering a volume of 1.5 million tons. In January / February 2019, sales in the domestic market totaled 2.8 million tons, a decrease of 0.7% compared to the first two months of last year.

Imports rose 28.5% in volume in February and 13.3% in value compared to the same period of 2018. The 203,000 imported tons had a value of US $ 205 million. Year-to-date imports totaled 380,000 tonnes, up 1.3% in volume. In terms of value, imports registered in the January / February biannual, US $ 417 million, a decrease of 1.2% in the same basis of comparison.

Regarding exports, Instituto Aço Brasil chose not to publish the indicators temporarily due to the change in methodology for collecting data from the Foreign Trade Single Portal by the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex), which could lead to significant changes and revisions in the results of the initial months of the year.

By states, the ranking of the largest steel producers in Brazil is led by Minas Gerais, with 1.77 million tons in January and February, followed by Rio de Janeiro (1,584 million tons). In Latin America, Brazil maintained its leadership in January, with production of 2,933 million tons. Mexico ranks second, with 1.754 million tons produced in the first month of this year.

In world crude steel production, China remains in the first classification, with 75.013 million tons registered in January of this year (+ 4.3% compared to the same month last year). European Union comes second with 13,802 million tonnes, volume 3.5% lower than January 2018.