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Brazilian’s Chicken should keep on high



Unlike the case of soybeans, the possibility that the chicken enters the negotiating table of Beijing and Washington has not caused apprehension in the Brazilian poultry sector. Today, American chicken is banned in China and there are indications that the release of the product can be used as barter for Beijing.

The president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association, Francisco Turra, says that the US does not have much surplus and is a major consumer of meat, which would make it difficult for China to significantly substitute the Brazilian product for the American. He notes that Chinese demand has been growing and therefore the agreement between the two countries is not seen as a threat.

The Chinese chicken market was opened to Brazil only a decade ago, and in the first two months of this year, it became the largest for the country. China accounted for 12.5% of Brazilian chicken exports in the first two months of 2019, while Saudi Arabia, once the largest importer, bought 11.6 percent.