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Bank With Cryptocurrencies Solutions Arrives in Brazil

The future of the financial market is here. CryptBank, the first bank to operate with crypto solutions in the country.



With a valuation of more than two billion dollars, the bank belongs to groups of international investors specializing in global capital management, among them the hotel chain Saga Hotels and the holding company that controls the airline Emirates. The revolutionary business, chaired by the young Spanish entrepreneur Santiago Gasull, was born as a unicorn startup with the mission of following the technological revolution brought about by the use of the internet and currently has a portfolio of thousands of private accounts in rapid growth.

CriptBank works as a conventional bank, combining the banking and Exchange environments, but with the differential of operating also with solutions in cryptomeo, a system already common in European countries and that adds modernity, efficiency, and confidence.

The account holder can make all financial transactions, such as paying and receiving bills, transfers, and deposits, as well as investing, financing, using credit cards, among other services in the vast portfolio of the bank, always choosing to spend currency or crypto decentralized). In addition to the benefit of the choice, another major benefit is that most bank operations on CriptBank are fee-free and the few transactions charged are calculated at aliquots up to 90% lower than traditional banks.

“The great opportunities are born of knowing how to take advantage of small ones. CriptBank comes to Brazil with the commitment to standardize digital financial market operations and spread this type of system, which is already a reality in Europe and the future of how the world handles money, “said the president, Santiago Gasull.

The bank’s strategic plan also foresees the creation of a modern structure that will be present in the most important financial centers of the world, beginning with the opening of six bank branches still in 2019, located in the cities of São Paulo, Sorocaba (SP), where it will work the administrative headquarters, Lisbon (Portugal), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong (China), London (England) and the USA, still in study.

Together with the president, the board is composed of a team of executives and entrepreneurs with experience in the financial market, including Jose Carlos Mas, CEO; Rafael Dourado, chief technology officer; Derli Souza, chief operating officer; Afonso Coivo Junior, chief financial officer; Lucas Garcia, chief investment officer; Mateus Simao, Managing Director and Helder Queiroz, Business Director. “Time passes and money changes its form, but the way we should manage and multiply it remains. Security, technology, and transparency are the foundation of CriptBank’s suite of solutions through serious and committed work focused on customer success,” says Gasull.