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Minister Marcos Ponte meets schedule in Criciuma

The first appointment will be a visit to Bairro da Juventude (Youth's neighbohood) at 3pm. Then, at 4:30 p.m., the whole entourage go to Satc.



The Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Marcos Pontes, meets the agenda in Criciuma this afternoon. The first appointment will be a visit toYouth’s neighborhood at 3pm. Then, at 4:30 p.m., Bridges and the whole entourage go to Satc.

Known as the first Brazilian astronaut to participate in a space mission, Bridges will end the passage through the region with a lecture at Unesc, starting at 7.30 in the Ruy Hulse Auditorium.

The minister has a vast professional curriculum and, at the head of the portfolio, will bring to Criciuma important information about the “Perspectives of Science and Technology in Brazil”. The event is aimed at Acafe system presidents, entrepreneurs, parliamentarians, students and professors of the master’s and doctorate degrees of the University, marking the beginning of the 2019 Programs activities.

Aeronautical Engineer, ITA (Aeronautical Technological Institute) and Master of Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, California, USA, promises to bring to Criciuma information about the current situation of the ministry he leads and what is already being done in the folder . In a lecture recently at a university in Rio de Janeiro, Pontes highlighted the importance of involving those who have ideas that can be put into practice in the country. “We need to get everyone involved and the university is a place of ideas. We are going to put our knowledge together so that we can put science and technology and education to the level they deserve, “he commented on the opportunity.

The importance of changing the scenario with regard to the issue currently in the country, according to the minister, is immeasurable and demands a strong work. “If you do not have science, technology and education very developed within a country this will not be able to play any role on the planet. We need this to have more added value in our products, to have a better quality of life, more wealth turning in the country, to have more jobs so that you can undertake, “he said.