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Reform Could Be Voted On In the First Half, Says Rapporteur

Deputy Marcelo Freitas, rapporteur Pension Reform bill, said he hoped that Minister Paulo Guedes would go to the CCJ to include some suggestions that might arise



The rapporteur of the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) of the pension reform in the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Delegate Marcelo Freitas (PSL-MG), said on Friday (29) until the end of the first half of this year, the Chamber of Deputies will be able to vote on this reform definitively.

I’m going to work with this deadline, trying to shorten it in the Constitution and Justice Commission, he said, following the inauguration of the new Federal Police superintendent in Minas Gerais.

In order to avoid any bias speech or anticipation of the report, I will not omit a prior value judgment on the issue of the admissibility of the proposal, commented Marcelo Freitas, after being asked if he intends to present any changes to the proposal.

He said, however, that he hoped that the economy minister, Paulo Guedes, could go to college next week  the forecast is April 3  to include some suggestions that might emerge on this Saturday in his report.

Asked about his party’s delay in closing support for the pension reform proposal, he said that there was no such thing. To gather the whole group and close an issue, it is, of course, time-consuming, but we will fully support the President of the Republic in the National Congress, he said.