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Olavo de Carvalho, the ‘Rasputin of Brasilia,’ Attacks General for the Supposed Tutelage on Bolsonaro

Olavo de Carvalho, nicknamed Brasilia's Rasputin, this time the target was the Minister General Santos Cruz (Secretary of Government), who told Folha newspaper that it is necessary to reestablish the dialogue between Executive and Legislative.

Olavo de Carvalho, nicknamed 'Brasilia's Rasputin'


The nickname Rasputin of Brasilia is due to the negative influence of astrologer, who pretends to be a philosopher, about appointments to positions in the Bolsonaro government. It is attributed to him to have indicated the worst ministers of the current Government, as Ricardo Velez (Education) and Chancellor Ernesto Araujo, two controversial names that in no way help the Bolsonaro Administration.

Today, Its main target is the Minister General Santos Cruz (Secretary of Government), who told Folha newsparper that it is necessary to reestablish the dialogue between Executive Legislative and reinterpret the alleged dispute between the so-called new and old politics.

“General Santos Cruz brutally offends our president: he insinuates that he does not have the maturity to choose wisely his friends and therefore need a tutor, Santos Cruz himself,” said the writer on social networks.

“The trick of the Santos Cruz is to camouflage its envious mediocrity and to accuse of ‘extremist’ who surpasses it intellectually.”

“Sage, in Brazil, only the people. From manager of a gas station up, only has a silly hunter,” said the polemicist on social networks this Monday. “The evil of Brazil is the most uncultured and presumptuous elite in the universe,” he said.

This is the same speech adopted by US President Donald Trump in the campaign that elected him and then in office.

Olavo, his students and deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president’s son, have tightened ties with US strategist Steve Bannon, a former adviser to Trump, dismissed from the White House as a traitor to the American president’s family.

Folha newspaper Santos Cruz said that appointment of positions is normal in the political system. “Let’s get up from our chairs and talk to the parliamentarians. We have to give credit to our Congress,” said the minister.

His statement comes amid attempts to appease Bolsonaro and the congressional summit – he has exchanged public provocations with the mayor, Rodrigo Maia in recent weeks.

The military and the economic team, led by the minister Paulo Guedes (Economy), entered the field to close the chat. The main objective of Guedes is to be able to approve the pension reform in Congress.

Said the polemicist in social networks that the return of the military to power is a consequence of his work, which he considers philosophical. He accuses the military of having subordinated themselves to civilians and left after the dictatorship, has already referred to the generals as “a bunch of shrews”, among other offenses.

“Santos Cruz: Without my three decades of work, of which you know nothing, you would have never been sent to the position you now occupy.” President Bolsonaro is a grateful man, you are just a monster of self-adoration and.

“Without me, Santos Cruz, you would be, as Karim Sebti said, carrying spits in the door of the Military Club and lowering his head like so many of his colleagues in uniform,” he insisted.

On the 55th anniversary of the 1964 military coup, on Sunday 31, the writer wrote about the role of the army and criticized “the servile weakness of the generals in the face of the communist movement that they even brag about have exterminated ”

“Military Forces have never liberated the country from communism,” said Olavo, “but they released him from the civilian leadership that had liberated him from communism.” “If it is true that ‘by the fruits, you shall know them,’ the invincible force of the left to the end of the military regime says it all.”

Santos Cruz a week before said that “he was never interested in the ideas of this Mr. Olavo de Carvalho” and that, “with cool language, the imbalance is evident”.