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Public Servants Want To Bar Social Pension Reform

External of Brazilian Nacional Congress


Civil servants want to stop the advancement of some points of Pension Reform in the House of Representatives’ Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), the first step that the text passes in Congress.

Among the points to consider illegal, two directly affect the civil service and are already intense lobbying targets: the collection of larger and different rates paid by workers and changes in the rules for those who entered the public service before 2003. The vote on the reform in CCJ is scheduled for April 17.

The state has found that the strategy of the servers to try to bar or minimize the effects of the changes proposed by the government are centered in four moments. The first is the massive questioning of the constitutionality of some points.

Associations linked to the Judiciary and representatives of 31 entities, which together total more than 200 thousand public servants, prepared a memorial and a series of technical notes questioning points of the proposal. They also prepare more than 25 amendments to be presented to deputies and senators and do not rule out legal measures.