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Bolsonaro Confirms Provisional Measure of Debureaucratization



The proposal, known as the ‘Measure of economic freedom’, consists of measures to simplify the life of companies

President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday that the government will issue a 14-page Provisional Measure containing a set of measures to unlock the economy.

The proposal is being called internally in the economic area of “MP of economic freedom”. They are measures to simplify the life of companies and provides for a major reduction of bureaucracy.

In coffee with a group of journalists and newspaper directors, among them the Estadao newspaper, the president anticipated that the MP was prepared by the team of Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. Bolsonaro said he had read the MP’s text during his trip to Israel. According to the president, the text is now in the hands of the Minister of the Civil House, Onyx Lorenzoni, to “polish” before being edited.

The idea is to edit the proposal within 100 days of government, but there is no definition yet if it will be ready on time.

The president did not give details of the measures but signaled that they also dealt with actions of debureaucratization and simplification. As the O Estadao newspaper anticipated, the government will launch a four-pronged package this month in an attempt to unlock the economy and break the strings of companies to do business.

According to an economic team source, MP is part of the simplification measures but involves other areas of government as well.

Among the measures that will be announced, there is a cleanup in a set of rules, regulations, and instructions that are hierarchically below the decrees. The work of selecting these standards is being done by the special Secretary of Debureaucratization, Management and Digital Government of the Ministry of Economy, Paulo Uebel. The idea is to organize the rules to avoid situations as they occur today in which it is difficult to even identify which rule is valid.

With the greater delay of the procedure of the Social Security reform, the government decided to anticipate the measures in the face of the fall of the forecasts of growth of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).