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General Rocha Paiva Alert That Blood Can Run Through the Streets

"The nation has to save itself, without the tutelage of the Armed Forces, which will only take the initiative in the face of serious violence, social chaos, bankruptcy and loss of authority of the Constitutional Powers."




General Rocha Paiva urged the Brazilian Nation to face the risks of a major social conflict in the face of the maneuvers of some members of the Supreme Court to maintain privileges of corrupt and prevent justice being done.

In his speech at the Military Club, Rocha Paiva showed the main cases where the Supreme Court has changed legal understandings to save corrupt politicians and how the current president Dias Toffoli has been trying to save himself and other ministers involved in money laundering, corruption and administrative advocacy.

The General denounces the so-called “The Brazilian Knack” and the attempt by some judges of the Supreme Court to prevent the advance of the Car Wash operation that investigates corrupt political leadership, linked by hidden interests to some current ministers:

“The Brazilian knack has served to support decisions favorable, particularly, to defendants and convicted of crimes of white collar and others,” said Rocha Paiva.

Some STF ministers, especially Gilmar Mendes, started to fight the Lava-Jet when the investigations reached the MDB and PSDB, joining ministers whose relations with the Workers Party were well-known.

In addition to these illegitimate connections, there were personal and professional relationships with investigators who were repeatedly investigated in their defense claims. There have never been convincing explanations.

Another way was the decision to prevent Renan Calheiros from remaining in the line of succession of the presidency of the Republic, for being guilty, but to allow him to continue as president of the Senate. Even the Dean, Celso Melo, voted for such incoherence …

… On March 22, 2018, an injunction was granted to Lula not to be arrested until the decision on his habeas corpus (HC), postponed to April 4 of that year. Why suspend and postpone the session because of the personal interests of ministers Marco Aurelio and Lewandowski, who, despite their duties, would be absent in the middle of the session? There was a quorum to carry on. Was it because Lula would lose two votes?

The most recent was the decision of the Supreme Court to bring the “box 2 and related crimes” to the Electoral Court.

The nation was perplexed by the infamous maneuver of protection of the infamous condemned and indicted. Only now, after five years, have you discovered this window? Or did Car Wash, arriving at former President Temer, who nominated Alexandre de Moraes to the Supreme Court, provoke another minister to the group of four?

Every citizen has the right to question: is there any maneuver going on? Marco Aurelio was not able to release thousands of prisoners in December through an injunction, but now he may be able to reverse dozens of lawsuits and decisions of Car Wash. Why does Toffolli try to impose the law of the gag, employing exactly Alexandre de Moraes as a pawn?

Those who have a conscience in peace do not fear the debate.

So many inconsistencies and Brazilian Knack led to the loss of confidence of the nation, bewildered by the legal insecurity caused by the Supreme Court.

Vain ministers do not care, for they like the image of vests of high erudition and supreme power transmitted to every country.

Justice was effective only against corrupt leaders in instances below the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has been the safe one to protect some more equal than the others before the law, paralyzing processes of the privileged by the shameful special forum.

The Supreme Court is a vector of legal insecurity, an example of political irresponsibility and, hopefully, an agent of the greatest threat to national moralization. It’s a disaster!

The nation will no longer be at the mercy of inconsistencies and legal devices that protect unscrupulous leaders and authorities with a white collar, black cape or whatever.

Brazil is in conflict with these leaders.

The criminal organization at the top of power will do its best, using sordid devices, to maintain and continue to usurp national resources.

Dreams do not fall from the sky. Either society reacts firmly to ennobling Brazil, promoting huge street demonstrations, or better to stop dreaming.

The nation has to save itself, without the protection of the Armed Forces, which will only take the initiative in the face of serious violence, social chaos, bankruptcy and loss of authority of the Constitutional Powers.

Respectable Brazil will only become a reality if we let go of the morally ill leaderships of the highest echelons of the three branches of the Union.

Do not you want the blood to flow through the streets? So get to work. Let us press with perseverance, we demand a sense of responsibility from the Supreme Court. Let us write with our hands this relevant page of the History of Brazil.

Our descendants will be proud of being Brazilian, and we will not have lived in vain.