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Guedes Wants to Lower Gas Price by Taking Out Petrobras Monopoly



Minister said that Petrobras’ monopoly on gas refining makes the price of the product more expensive in Brazil.

Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said today (9) that the government plans to halve the price of cooking gas in the country in two years. According to the minister, to achieve this reduction, the refining and distribution monopoly must be broken.

“Two years from now, the gas cylinder will reach half the price at the home of the Brazilian worker. We will break these monopolies. We will lower the price of gas and oil with the competition, “said Guedes.

In attending the 22nd March to Brasília in Defense of Municipalities in Brasília, Guedes said that Petrobras’ monopoly on refining gas makes the price of the product more expensive in Brazil. The minister also said that the solution to the lack of resources comes from oil, specifically from the exploration of the pre-salt layer.

Guedes defended with the mayors the approval of the Social Security reform, noting that the reform will release resources for municipal entities. “We all know that pension reform is important also for municipalities and states,” he said.

The minister also said that the government is working to unify this year up to five taxes and that if the change is made the collection will be shared with states and municipalities.

“Let’s lower, simplify, reduce taxes for Brazil to grow. It is the tax reform. First, let’s get three, four, five taxes and merge into one. It’s going to call the Federal Single Tax, “said Guedes, who did not elaborate on the unified taxes.

The minister also said he would work to ensure that most of the revenue collected in the country will be with the municipalities. “Today, 65% is from the Union, 35% from states and municipalities. In the future, 70% have to be from states and municipalities. But it’s not twenty years from now, it’s for now, “he said.

Social Security

Shortly before the minister’s participation in the event, the Special Secretariat of Social Security of the Ministry of Finance distributed a primer requesting the support of the mayors to pension reform. According to the primer, the approval of the reform will result in an overall improvement of the country’s economic environment, with job creation and increased collection.

After the speech of the minister, the Special Secretary of Social Security, Rogerio Marinho, made a presentation to the mayors and said that approval of the reform is an agenda that is not only the government but of interest to the country.

“This is an opportunity to understand how the Brazilian economy will behave in the coming years. The minister Paulo Guedes needs much support from the mayors present here. Any impact, whether the new federative pact, tax reform or attraction of internal and external investors, goes through the foundation, the backbone that is the rebalancing of public accounts, and this will only happen with the approval of the new social security regime, “said Marinho.