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US Dollar Retreats in Line With Exterior and After Approval of Social Security Report



The US dollar on the spot market is in line with the fall of the US currency overseas, and it also requires the approval, on Tuesday night, 9, of the report, requesting the total admissibility of the proposed pension reform in the Commission on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies.

On Wednesday morning, 10, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced the maintenance of interest, as expected. The refinancing rate remains at 0% and the deposit rate at -0.4%. Also in the morning, the president of the institution, Mario Draghi, granted an interview. Consumer inflation in the United States should also be known.

Later, the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s March monetary policy meeting (3 pm) and an emergency meeting of EU officials are expected to discuss a further UK request for a longer time to implement Brexit, as it is known to exit of the block.

In Brazil, the inflation measured by the IPCA in March is above that expected by the market is monitored, but it is in second place in the exchange rate. The IPCA closed last month with a 0.75% increase, compared to an advance of 0.43% in February.

This outperformed the range of analyst estimates heard by Broadcast Projections, which predicted a 0.55% to 0.67% increase, with a positive median of 0.63%. The accumulated inflation rate for the year was 1.51%. The IPCA in 12 months was 4.58%, surpassing the range of analysts’ projections, which went from 4.37% to 4.49%, with a median of 4.44%.

At 9:25 am on Wednesday, the US dollar was down 0.31% at R $ 3.84138. The future dollar for May was down 0.23% at R $ 3.8465.