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IBGE: Grain production in Brazil is expected to grow 1.6 percent this year



Production of cereals, legumes, and oilseeds is expected to close 2019 at 230.1 million tonnes, an increase of 1.6% (plus 3.6 million tonnes) compared to 2018.

The third estimate of the Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production, by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), is 0.6% more optimistic than the previous forecast of February (plus 1.3 million tons).

The estimated harvested area is 62.3 million hectares, or 2.3% higher than in 2018 and 0.6% higher than in February.

Among the country’s three main grain crops is expected to increase production from 2018 to 2019 for corn alone (11.9%), which is expected to close the year at 91.04 million tonnes.

For soybean crops (-4.5%), declines are estimated, with an estimated production of 112.52 million tons, and for rice (-10.6%), with a harvest of 10.5 million tons.

Among the other grains, which have a calculated production above one million tons, are expected to be high for herbaceous cotton (26.7%) and beans (3.1%). On the other hand, sorghum (-5.4%) and wheat (-3%) should fall.

IBGE also analyzes other products, besides cereals, legumes, and oilseeds. Among them, sugarcane, which is the main national agricultural product, with an estimated production for this year of 676.98 million tons, or 0.4% more than in 2018.

For other products with a harvest estimated at over one million tons, banana (2.4%), manioc (5.6%) and tomato (0.8%) should grow. Decreases in coffee production (-10%), potato (-1.5%), orange (-5.2%) and grapes (-9.7%) are expected.