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Stock Market: Number of Investors Hits Record in One Million Peoples



The number of investors in the stock market was in one million with an increase of about 50% in a year. With more interest in shares, individuals totaled 982,721 eligible to invest at the end of March, the highest number ever recorded.

Despite the record, this contingent represents only 0.48% of the Brazilian population, far below the average of emerging countries: 6%. Regardless of whether you look at the glass half full or half empty, the expectation is for the continuity of the growth of this contingent every year. Interest rates at low levels, inflation virtually under control and spraying of investment platforms are driving more people into the world of variable income.

Levante Investimentos study shows that 2.2% of Brazilians will have some investment in action in 2025. Based on IBGE population projections, there will be 4.8 million people.

– The next generation will have greater financial education, unlike the past, where the only known option was savings – says Felipe Bevilacqua, manager of the Levante.

Raphael Figueredo, an analyst at Financial Eleven, says decades of inflation or high-interest rates have left the investor with a short-term mentality, prioritizing fixed income for being safer and more stable. Now, with the base interest rate (Selic) at 6.5%, the lowest level in history, the demand for higher risk investments starts to increase.

– The Brazilian is learning to invest now, assuming that a portion of the money needs to go to something with more risk, with greater income – analyzes Figueiredo.

In fact, while individuals have R $ 229.8 billion in shares, the balance invested in the traditional savings account is still much higher: R $ 798.5 billion. Analysts believe that with the maturity of investors, some of these resources will migrate to the Exchange – as well as the one invested in fixed income, which now has low returns.

When looking at the profile of investors in Brazil, the majority are men between 26 and 45 years. This age group is the fastest growing. However, most of the actions are in the hands of those who are over 56 years old. The rationale is that they already have a greater volume of financial assets accumulated. It is not in the statistics who invest by the investment fund.

In addition to the macroeconomic factors, Rafael Panonko, head of the analysis area of Toro Investimentos, draws attention to the expansion of access to the stock exchange provided by digital platforms called fintechs. The bureaucracy also became smaller, making it easier to open an account in a brokerage house, he points out:

– There is greater access to information. Before, the Brazilian thought of investment and spoke with the bank manager. Today, he begins to have another vision.

Petrobras Effect
Panonko admits, however, that turbulence such as that hit the market last Friday, when Petrobras shares fell more than 8% because of the suspension of the diesel adjustment by President Jair Bolsonaro’s determination, inspire caution in potential new investors. But he stresses that a long-term vision is needed.

“The panic effect scares people, but the investor needs to think in the long run. Will this measure affect what I expect to gain for the company? So it may be a buying opportunity for the long term – says Pananko, reinforcing attention to risks.

For Luiz Roberto Monteiro, operator of the Renaissance Brokerage House, it is too early to know if the pressure on Petrobras’ shares will continue:

– The company was in the process of selling assets. You are in a process of retrieving numbers. This news did not come at a good time. It is not yet possible to assess how short-term volatility will be.