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Dodge informs Moraes That She Filed a Stealthy Inquiry Opened by Toffoli



Attorney General Raquel Dodge said on Tuesday the filing of the stealthy inquiry opened by Federal Supreme Court Chief Justice Dias Toffoli to investigate false reports and attacks on the honor of court ministers.

According to a statement from the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), Dodge communicated the filing to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, appointed by Toffoli as rapporteur for the ex officio inquiry by the president of the court, on the grounds that the Constitution determines that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is the holder exclusive of criminal actions, which implies direct effects in the form and conduct of criminal investigation.

“The current legal system does not foresee the hypothesis of the same judge who understands that it is a criminal act to determine the initiation of an investigation and designate the person responsible for that investigation,” Dodge wrote in the demonstration at Moraes.

“In addition to not observe the constitutional rules of delimitation of powers or the Public Prosecution Service in the criminal process, this decision turned the investigation into an act with concentration of criminal functions in the court, which endangers the accusatory own penal system and ensuring of the investigated as to the exemption of the accusing body, “adds the head of the Federal Public Ministry.

In the context of the stealth investigation, Moraes determined the removal of air from Crusoe magazine that shows a supposed link between Toffoli and Odebrecht. The report does not cite any alleged illicit behavior of the Supreme Court (STF) president.