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Federal Public Debt Grows 1.15% in March



Brazil’s federal public debt rose 1.15 percent in March to February, to 3.918 trillion reais, the National Treasury said on Friday in a month marked by the issuance of sovereign bonds.

For the year, the target in the Annual Financing Plan (FAP) is a stock of debt between 4.1 trillion and 4.3 trillion reais.

Domestic public debt increased by 0.87 percent on this basis of comparison, to 3,764 trillion reais, affected by the net issue of 2.94 billion reais and the positive appropriation of interest of 29.69 billion reais.

In turn, the external debt increased by 8.3 percent, closing the month at 153.7 billion reais.

In March, the Brazilian government issued 1.5 billion dollars in a new 10-year title, the Global 2029, with a yield of 4.7 percent a year, the first in the international fixed income market in more than a year.

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