Home Business Oil falls firmly with funds making profits after days of highs

Oil falls firmly with funds making profits after days of highs

If the withdrawal is maintained, it improves the conditions of Petrobras in maneuvering the increases of gasoline and diesel, which already follow with repressed prices



Even without the end of the tensions that mark the oil business, the international market broke the maintenance of the highs and entered the sixth (26) with sales from beginning to end. And it helps relieve Petrobras, especially if the casualties are kept in London as the state-run company is pressed for damaging the on lendings for diesel and gasoline.

Gasoline with lower fat from previous crude and future highs, if the low bias persists, takes space from the ethanol pump at full production gain with the safrfa going to the second month.

For international analysts, including New Capital’s Again Capital, both Brent and WTI (New York) had broken the highs since October and on this last day of the week the “technical adjustment” prevailed with profit making. In the marginal backstopping, Russia’s oil flow to part of Europe and Germany was restored by repairing a pipeline.

The barrel traded in the English capital fell from security days of more than $ 74 to close to $ 72, around 3.60%. And the WTI lost more, 3.56%, and was at $ 62.89.

The funds could no longer hold positions, especially as the industry is reaching a crucial time of definition.