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Jair Bolsonaro Says That It Is a Very High Risk to Invest in Brazil



In a meeting with 25 governors, Bolsonaro said that the risk is due to the country’s poor economic situation and called for a union to face the crisis

The president of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro , said on Wednesday that investing in Brazil “is a very risky sport” because of the bad economic situation facing the country. In a meeting with 25 governors in the morning he called for a union for Brazil to face the crisis.

“We have to make life easier for those who want to produce and who still have the courage to invest in Brazil, which is a very risky sport given the situation we have now,” he told the governors.

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The president stressed that it is necessary to evaluate what can be done to balance the public accounts. “We can not talk about ideology now, we have to have a north that works for all of us. The government is open to the governors for dialogue,” he said.

Bolsonaro also defended that it is necessary to give in at certain moments to “win there ahead”. “If we all act in this spirit, Brazil is out of the situation we are in. We are in the same boat and the sea is not Admiral’s, but if we join hands and focus on what matters, we can get out of the situation where we met, “he said.