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Itamaraty Expects Brazil to Join the OECD This Month



The presidential spokesman says there are “credible” indications that the US will show support for the Brazilian ticket already at the next meeting of the entity, but rump support does not guarantee the Brazilian entry into the OECD

The spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, General Rego Barros, said on Thursday that Brazilian diplomacy has “credible” indications that the United States will express support for Brazil’s entry into the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) at its next meeting in Paris on May 22 and 23.

“There are credible indications that the US delegation will provide such support, although the country’s position on how to proceed with all applications is not yet clear,” the spokesman said during a statement to the press at the Planalto Palace.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is conducting negotiations in Washington and in all capitals of OECD countries so that the Brazilian accession is approved as soon as possible, at the next meeting of the OECD Council of Ministers to be held in Paris on May 22 and 23.”

The spokesman stressed, however, the support of Trump does not ensure the Brazilian entry into the OECD. Beyond the country, another five are candidates to have a seat and it is unknown what the position of the United States would be. The European countries condition that, with each Latin American country ticket, there is a European country.

“In order to obtain the consensus of the members, it will still be necessary to agree on the start of the process of accession of six applications under examination: Brazil, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Peru and Romania,” said Rego Barros.

The US endorsement was a promise by President Donald Trump to President Jair Bolsonaro during a state visit in February. On the other hand, Brazil has pledged to start giving up its special status in the World Trade Organization (WTO).