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Eduardo Bolsonaro defends that Brazil has nuclear weapons

Representative, son of the President, made statements at an event of the Foreign Relations Committee, of which he is president; parliamentary says bombs 'guarantee nuclear peace'



Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro and president of the Foreign Relations Committee, defended on Tuesday (14) that Brazil has nuclear weapons and said that the country would be ‘taken more seriously’ if had greater military power.

Eduardo Bolsonaro gave the statement during a lecture in the Chamber for students of the Superior Course of Defense of the Superior School of War. “If we had here the Grippens fighters, if we had here the pro-sub already finalized, with the nuclear submarines that have much greater autonomy in the water, if we had a larger force.” In short, a greater military power, perhaps we were taken more seriously by Maduro or feared perhaps by China and Russia. ” In the speech, Bolsonaro cited the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, signed by Brazil in 1998.

“We know that if Brazil wants to run over this convention, it has a series of sanctions. It’s a very complicated issue, but I believe that one day we can return to the debate here,” he said.

In addition to being a signatory to the treaty, the Brazilian Constitution, in article 21, says that any nuclear activity in the national territory will be admitted for peaceful purposes and with the approval of the National Congress.

He also said that nuclear bombs “guarantee peace”. “There is a colleague from Pakistan here, do not you?” “How is Pakistan’s relationship with India if only one side had a nuclear bomb, would it be the same way it is today? Nuclear bomb, the other developed the next day, and there is at least minimally a kind of peace, I am enthusiastic about this vision.”