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US Dollar in a Strong Trajectory Upward Against the Real Due to the Tension Between US and Chine



Financial markets open this Friday morning (17) with the tension rising on all fronts, again, as they had the day before, trying to get out of the dangers. The dollar passed the $4 on the fifth, the highest in seven months, and the B3 plunged to 90,000 points, and show a tendency to follow in the same direction.

The US currency soared above 1.10% to R $4,083 at 10:35 am and the Ibovespa, the stock market’s main stock index, fell close to 0.10%, losing a little of breath since its opening.

Chinese rhetoric against the United States, now under threat of retaliation after President Donald Trump imposes more tariffs on Asian products, has joined the delicate Brazilian domestic scenario.

With GDP expectations falling below 1% in the first quarter, among some banks and the Central Bank also overturning previous projections, the sixth also reserves the possible bids for the bank secrecy breach of Senator Flavio Bolsonaro in an already troubled environment by student demonstrations.

The political risk is present in the declarations of Rodrigo Maia that the House will forward a proposal for tax reform with DNA of the house, which in addition to being unknown in its technical details, has already been demerged by the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes.

On top of all, the agents are concerned about the degree of rupture that can lead to problems in the PEC of the Pension Plan, the “mother of all reforms.”

Asian stocks fell, and the yuan lost strength against the dollar.

US equity indexes remain low. The dollar index is slightly high, in the purchase with other strong currencies.

And oil is also nervous, with the possible unfolding of the US-Iran crisis.