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‘Brazil Can’t Be Just a Store Where China Buys Items’, Says Vice-President in Beijing

Vice-president Hamilton Mourao

The relationship we have today does not need the characteristics of the New Silk Road, but this is not closed, on the contrary, it is under discussion, said Vice President Hamilton Mourao in Beijing on Tuesday (21). In an interview with CGTN, Chinese state TV channel, in Spanish. He spoke for about 30 minutes about the relations between Brazil and China. The interview will air on May 29.

Regarding the Brazil-China relationship, Mourao argued that it is necessary to add value to what is exported. Brazil can not be just a store that China goes and buys items. It has to be more than that. Things that come from Brazil have to have the same value as those coming from China. We are in the age of knowledge. The economy of the 21st century is the knowledge economy, this is the next step we have to take in this relationship. 

We have a vision of expectation about what are the final intentions, what are the views of the Chinese government. We look forward to the proposals that China can make, said Mourao, on the Silk Road.

The New Silk Road was launched in 2013 and is the main program of the current Chinese government, which promises investments in infrastructure and business opportunities with Chinese companies. The mega project of development moves 30 billion dollars in investments and already has the adhesion of 125 countries.

The old route linking China to the West has taken on new dimensions and the Chinese government sees Latin America as a natural extension. Panama was the first country in the region to join the program. Then 14 other Latin American governments came to expand the list, among them Bolivia, Venezuela, and Chile.