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Congonhas airport excluded from privatization list

In a decree published Wednesday (Oct.25) in the Official Gazette, the federal government included 13 airports in the National Privatization Program: - Recife (capital of...

French Capgemini launches new innovation center in São Paulo

The French IT outsourcing and consultancy firm Capgemini will  launch a new innovation center for the development of digital and cloud services, to be...


Banco do Brasil

Embrapa International


Minister of Agriculture Promises to Introduce Self-Control in the Inspection of...

  Brazil's Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina said the government will try to introduce self-control in inspections in agricultural industries including Slaughterhouses in an attempt to...

ABPA President Meets Governor Eduardo Leite

  Francisco Turra CEO of ABPA (Brazilian Animal Protein Association), met on Wednesday (16) in the Piratini Palace in Porto Alegre, with the governor of...

Cooperatives From the Rio Grande do Sul Bet On High Productivity...

  The corn harvest started in the Rio Grande do Sul. In hotter areas, where planting occurred as of August, the first crops have already...

Pigs: Export and Lower Cost May Guarantee a More Positive Year

  After a challenging 2018, the pig sector is more optimistic, waiting for a recovery in 2019. The positive outlook is based, according to researchers...

Coffee: Arabica Quotes Fall About 50 Pts in the Session of...

  Arabica coffee futures on the New York Stock Exchange (ICE Futures US) are down about 50 points this afternoon on Tuesday, Jan. 15th. The...

Ministry Agriculture Approves the Protocol for Certification of Animals

  The Secretary of Defense of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jorge Caetano Junior, approved the protocol of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock...



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